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MAXON Glyox15



Did you that skin peeling is one of the most important steps for treating skin pigmentation as well an effective step for getting the maximum benefit from acne treatments . In Maxon we have developed a specail formula to provide you a peeling session as if you are in the clinic.

What makes Glyox 15 cream special :
Rejuvenating cream that boosts the skin’s natural regenerative cycle.
Leaves your with a clear, smooth, glowing complexion.
It’s exfoliating action reduces breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and other skincare concerns.
Your skin will look healthier, brighter and more radiant.

What’s inside Glyox15 :
15% Glycolic Acid.

How to use Glyox15 for better results:
Apply for three hours at Night and rinse it on daily bases for one month.
Day after Day over night for one month.
Best used with Colladerm Cream for WRINKLES and ANTI-AGING.
Best used with Soft White Cream for ALL TYPES OF HYPERPIGMENTATION.
Best used with Pure Derm Cream for Acne scars.
Best used with MAX100 for skin preparation before and after peeling.

Caution : MUST BE USED WITH MAX100 or any other High SPF sun protection.

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