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Glow Radiance Perfect Lips


Perfect Lips
Restuructures , Hydrates , Plumps , Smoothens and Defines lips.

Transform the thinnest smile into a perfect pout with this exclusive volume enhancing lip serum. This advanced moisturising lip treatment dramatically plumps lips, leaving them firmer, whiter, smoother and fully prepped for colour.

Why to use Perfect Lips:
For women who are looking for natural plumping for thin lips.
Restructures aged and damaged lips and increase it’s volume.
Boosts blood circulation and gives you a rosy lips.
For Cracked Dry and rough lips.
Superficaial peeling for the lips.
Post lips procedures: Gives an instant effect and rosiness to complete the effect of fillers.
Prolong the effect of fillers and enhances the out come results.

Active Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid: By penetrating the lips skin, the filling spheres with hyaluronic acid base moisturize themselves and blow up in contact with water in the tissues.

Nicoment:Enhance blood flow and circulation for rosy color.

Portulaca Extract (Pluming active ingredient) :A peptide which comes from collagen is patented technology imitates the hyaluronic acid injections’ effect.
It contributes to double the dermic hyaluronic acid synthesis rate and to promote the extracellular matrix’s molecules synthesis. The lips’ intern and superficial texture is improved with a visible impact on their volume, their hydration and softness.

How to use Perfcet lips for Plumped Rosy Lips:
Apply with gently massage on lips twice daily.
Can be used before applying lipsticks.

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