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Bepanthen Baby Ointment 30G


Bepanthen ointment contains the active substance dexpanthenol, which is incorporated in an ointment base with a high fat content.
The active ingredient dexpanthenol is converted in the skin into vitamin pantothenic acid which supports the development and regeneration of the skin from the inside to the surface.
The high fat content of Bepanthen ointment forms a fine lipid film on the skin surface and protects it from external influences and moisture loss.
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Bepanthen ointment is used for:
• Baby care for the treatment and prevention of nappy
• Breast care during lactation period and for treating sore or cracked nipples
• Prevention and treatment of sore and chapped skin
• Skin dryness
• Promoting wound healing and epithelialization (formation of Skin cells) in trivial injuries, mild burns and abrasions, skin irritation, for example, after UV light and photo therapy, chronic ulcers (ulcers), bedsores, fissures (skin and mucosal tears), skin grafts, cervical erosions (defects of the mucosa of the cervix )
• Interval treatments after cortisone therapy.
If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients of Bepanthen ointment, do not use the preparation. Avoid getting Bepanthen ointment in contact with the eyes. When using Bepanthen ointment in the genital area or the anal area, the protective effect of latex products, such as condoms or diaphragms may be impaired.




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